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Teeth whitening has become essential to complete the appearance and highlight the beauty of the smile. There are several methods and devices used for teeth whitening.

We are in the Assem Dental Center assist you in choosing the safest and most effective method to whiten your teeth , and to ensure you get the best possible results.


Teeth cleaning and polishing are routine hygienic procedures done periodically at the dentist to remove tartar and stains from teeth surfaces and gums. While whitening is a cosmetic procedure in which original teeth shade is changed. It is advisable in dark teeth.

The active ingredients in most whitening compounds are derivatives of hydrogen peroxides in high concentrations, which penetrate the layers of enamel and sometimes dentin and remove tooth discoloration, which helps to lighten the color of teeth. The laser and light activate the whitening material and greatly increases the ability to remove the internal stains.

Results vary from person to person, and the degree of success depends on the nature of whitened teeth and the type and degree of stains. Also, the stability of the new shade depends on several factors such as consumption of sweets or staining agents like tea and coffee, and smoking. Also, lack of dental hygiene may lead to the loss of whiteness of teeth faster.

All the premium ways of whitening does not have any harmful effect on the teeth or enamel layer. Just a temporary sensitivity after whitening are dealt with specific material.

Most of them have cosmetic covers on their teeth, very light color and in high symmetry. This is the so-called dental veneers or Hollywood Smile.